Ambulante Sozialpsychiatrie (ASP)

ASP (Ambulante Sozialpsychiatrie = Community based mental health) is an educative and community based support for people who require and apply for practical support due to:

  • having a mental illness,
  • currently having or being at risk of a mental disability
  • or having psychological difficulties which compromises their daily life.

Individuals who are aged over 21 years and live independently are eligible to apply for ASP. A fundamental principle of ABeSa is to support clients to engage in their community, for clients to apply their abilities and strengths as well as support and promote the client's independence and autonomy. The community based support takes place in our Drop-in Centres, in the community or when required in the client's home. In addition to individual support there are numerous participation opportunities in open and specialised group activities.

The support work goals are individually constructed in consultation with each client or person seeking support. Examples of Goals are:

  • facilitating access to necessary medical treatment – accompanying clients to appointments and provide support during personal crises – assisting in finding appropriate doctors or therapy options
  • support in organizing and managing financial affairs and when necessary working together with debt counseling services
  • increased independence and confidence in managing bureaucratic issues such as accompanying and providing practical support to clients with official appointments and assisting with any official paperwork
  • practical assistance in finding and securing – when rent is in arrears - accommodation
  • (re)establishing a structured daily life through assistance, planning and organization with – as examples -
  • maintaining an apartment/household
  • looking for employment or meaningful work
  • undertaking hobbies and interest in group activities
  • direction in both private and public spheres
  • timely organization of specific assistance when required

You are welcome to contact us when you have questions and ABeSa will
support you through the application process. Please contact the following contact person.