Assistance for families with children with a disability (HFbK)

HFbK is an educative and community based form of support for children and
young people with a mental and/or physical disability. Children aged between 3 and 18 years who are still living at home are eligible for a HFbk funding package.

Through this support the family receives assistance during stressful periods
that arise due to the child's/young person's disability. The goal is to streng then the family's stability and avoid hospital admissions.

Support can be:

  • gaining appropriate support for the child/young person within the family
  • the development within the family of acceptance for and a constructive
    handling of the disability and the resulting difficulties experienced
  • the development of a realistic outlook for the future for the parent(s) as
    well as the child/young person
  • the promotion of the child's/young person's self-sufficiency
  • the development and strengthening of social skills and ability to manage
    everyday problems.
  • Facilitating participation in suitable programs within their local
    community network.

You are welcome to contact us when you have questions and ABeSa will
support you through the application process. Please contact the following contact person.