ABeSa ambulante Hilfen GmbH is a Service Provider for Community Youth &
Family Support Services (“ambulanten Jugend-und Familienhilfe” ) in
accordance to Child & Youth Law (“Kinder-und Jugendhilfegesetz”, SGB VIII).

Community based support is assistance with parenting based on the principle of helping clients to help themselves. The team is comprised of a mix of support workers who solely work within youth & family support team and
support workers from the regional Social Integration Support (“Eingliederungshilfe”) teams.

  • Our support workers advise and support youth, young people or families
    experiencing conflict and crises.

  • A strength of our work is providing support and assistance for youth, young people or families with a parent who has a mental impairment or illness.

How do I access support?
When you or your family require this form of assistance and support, then contact your local Family Services (“Jugendamt”). When after a needs assessment is done and it is determined that support is appropriate, family services (Jugendamt) will appoint ABeSa as service provider and fund a support package.

Family services (“Jugendamt”) continues to be involved during the provision of support. Collaboratively determined goals are regularly assessed and adjusted where necessary. Condition for ABeSa involvement is your willingness to work together with us.